Buildtest Schema

This repository contains the schemas used by buildtest.

buildtest schema docs can be found at

Currently, we support the following schemas:

The schemas are published at

What is a schema?

A JSON-Schema is used to annotate and validate JSON documents. We write schemas in JSON and validate our Buildspecs (YAML) with one of the JSON Schemas. We make use of python-jsonschema to validate a Buildspec (YAML).

Schema Examples

The schema examples are used for testing each schema during regression test and serve as a documentation guide. The schemas and examples can be accessed via buildtest schema command. Shown below is a list of examples for each schema.

Examples for global.schema.json

Examples for script-v1.0.schema.json

Examples for compiler-v1.0.schema.json

Examples for settings.schema.json

How are schemas defined in buildtest?

buildtest stores the schemas in top-level folder buildtest/schemas. The schemas examples are grouped into directories named by schemafile so you will see the following

  $ ls -1 buildtest/schemas/examples 


The format for sub-schema is <name>-vX.Y.schema.json. All schemas must end in .schema.json. The schemas and documentation are published through this workflow. The pages are auto-generated and pushed to top-level folder pages. Please do not write any files to this directory as your files will be removed as part of the workflow.