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global schema Schema


buildtest global schema is validated for all buildspecs. The global schema defines top-level structure of buildspec and defintions that are inherited for sub-schemas

Abstract Extensible Status Identifiable Custom Properties Additional Properties Access Restrictions Defined In
Can be instantiated No Unknown status No Forbidden Forbidden none global.schema.json

global schema Type

object (global schema)

global schema Properties

Property Type Required Nullable Defined by
skip boolean Optional cannot be null global schema
maintainers array Optional cannot be null global schema
buildspecs object Required cannot be null global schema


The skip is a boolean field that can be used to skip tests during builds. By default buildtest will build and run all tests in your buildspec file, if skip: True is set it will skip the buildspec.


skip Type



One or more maintainers or aliases


maintainers Type


maintainers Constraints

minimum number of items: the minimum number of items for this array is: 1

unique items: all items in this array must be unique. Duplicates are not allowed.


This section is used to define one or more tests (buildspecs). Each test must be unique name


buildspecs Type

object (Details)